Do you have an opportunity to educate your friends or co-workers on the “graying of America?” Are you in charge of Employee Benefit programs? Do you know someone who is facing the challenges of aging loved ones?

Let Ruth share knowledge that will help you and the people you care about in understanding the situations and resources that many families will face as we continue to age.

It is difficult to find a speaker who understands the fine differences between delivering formal training versus presentations. In order for a presentation to be effective, the material must presented to the audience, not at them. Ruth has developed several presentations, which blend current information, facts, anecdotes and real life experiences, on a variety of senior issues and topics. Ruth’s unique presentation style encourages audience members’ interaction and input, while effectively getting across the important “take-aways” or goals you desire.

Ruth offers both “ready-to-go” presentations and “customized” presentations on a variety of subjects. Ruth is an acknowledged expert on the burgeoning Senior Market and is often called upon to conduct presentations before a number of organizations, as far back as the Fall 2004 RISMedia Real Estate Leadership conference in New York City. Ruth spoke at the 2008 Tennessee Governor’s Housing Summit on Universal Design and “Visitablility” (a concept the supports aging-in-place and is connected with the concepts of the EasyLiving Homes Tennessee program).

She recently filmed five segments on accessible housing for She also was featured for a segment on housing on Fox Digital News in March, 2009.

Just tell her your topic, time, and target audience and Ruth will work closely with you and your team to make it happen, whatever the timeframe for delivery. Ruth has the ability to quickly customize either “packed and ready-to-go” presentations or design a presentation to fit your specific needs. In subjects ranging from Creating a Plan for your Loved One to Accessible Housing, Ruth will be happy to share new insights with your group. The end goal is for your audience to leave the presentation more knowledgeable and feeling their time was well-spent and rewarding.

If you need a presenter or have been considering coordinating a workshop for your team, contact Ruth to discuss your ideas and goals, and learn how Ruth can make your goals a reality.

Presentations and Courses:

Creating a Plan for Aging Loved Ones – 1.0 – 3.0 hours (depending on situation)
Based on her book, “Loving Senior Transitions: The Top Five Questions Baby Boomers Need to Ask to Help Aging Loved Ones.”, Ruth helps participants develop an Action Plan in which they assess the current environment, determine decision-makers, consider what experts are needed, contemplate possible timelines, and prepare for the anxieties that conflicting needs can create. Leave the workshop understanding what factors can impact you or your elder and how you can work together to create a positive outcome! Recognize that you are not alone – knowledge can be your greatest asset. Come learn about the questions to ask and the resources that can help. Be prepared!

The 1,2,3’s of Accessibility: The Coming Wave of Housing for “The Future” – 3.0 hours
Whether just starting out and moving furniture into your first home, transitioning to family life with baby carriages, or coping with walkers or wheelchairs, an accessible home is valuable at all stages of life. Learn about how Accessibility and Fair Housing laws apply to mobility impaired and aging populations. Know the seven Universal Design Principles and how accessible homes can benefit the consumer, builder, and real estate agent. EVERYONE benefits from a home designed for comfort, ease and accessibility!

Selling to Active Adults: What Do They Want – 1.0 hours
With the coming retirement of the Baby Boomers and expected growth in Active Adult communities, real estate professionals need to know what Active Adults are looking for. Learn about the expectations of Active Adults, amenities that are most important to Active Adults, priorities in home and community design, and the best marketing practices for emotionally connecting with Active Adults. It’s all about relationships, lifestyles and trust. By understanding these three elements, you will be able to establish strong foundations with your Active Adult customers / clients. You can be on the leading edge of the Boomer retirement!